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  • Stephen Svanholm


    Certified Audio Engineer

    I am an opera singer and music producer who attained his diploma in sound engineering from SAE (School of Audio Engineering). 

    I started my musical career as the lead guitarist in heavy rock band Ignorance during the early 1990s, recording two CDs which were released worldwide by Metal Blade/Warner Bros. 

    The first CD, The Confident Rat, was recorded by renowned producer John Cuniberti (Joe Satriani, Dead Kennedys, Steve Vai, among others) in San Francisco. The second CD, Positively Shocking was self-produced by the band.

    After returning to education to study classical music for seven years I embarked on a career as an opera singer. I moved to Sweden as a freelance singer in 2001, where I also found the time to study for my Audio Engineering Diploma at SAE in Stockholm. Since 1999 I have also been recording and producing my own opera rock crossover music with Sibelian, culminating in the release of Gothic Opera 1999-2011 five years ago.

    Now based in Stockholm but visiting London & Berlin at regular intervals, I have in the last four years been producing opera demos and concert recordings for other singers, and my experience of what it is like to stand on both sides of the microphone ensures a smooth process for all involved.

    Production Credits (rock/popular music)
    Ignorance - The Confident Rat (Metal Blade/Warner Bros)
    Ignorance - Positively Shocking (Metal Blade/Warner Bros) --- co-producer
    Sibelian - The Soul Rush --- recording, engineering and production
    Sibelian - Gothic Opera 1999-2011 (Fossil Dungeon) --- recording, engineering and production

    Pilotos - Green Queen (from the CD Touch of Evil) --- recording, engineering and production

    Audio Demo recording and editing (classical music)

    Opera demo recordings for numerous clients in London and Berlin including: Ania Jeruc, Alex Duliba, Andrew Macintosh, Grainne Gillis, Jonathan Story, Katriona Bell, Clara Lisle, Aurore Lacabe, Elin Pritchard, Fiona McKay, Helen Anne Gregory, Helen Karikari, Joanne Roughton Arnold, Laura Woods, Prudence Sanders, Lila Palmer, Luci Briginshaw, Natasha Jane Hardy, Norah King, Olivia Hinman, Thomas Faulkner, Kirstin Sharpin, Roberto Garcia Lopez, Monica Campana Romero, Louisa Barry, Katy Marriott, Julian DeBreuil and Ian Massa Harris.

    Performance video

    Video of Fulham Opera's entire Ring Cycle. YouTube video production for WeFund/Kickstarter campaigns, opera singer video demos for application to Young Artist Programmes and competitions.