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  • Audio Demo Production Rates (4 - 5 arias)

    Media Rates
    4-5 audio arias £250 / €250
  • Video Demo Production Rates

    Media Rates
    4 video arias £625 / €625
    2 video arias £400 / €400
    1 video aria £275 / €275
  • Combination Packages

    1 video/4 audio£340 / €340
    2 videos/3 audio£450 / €450
    3 videos/2 audio£560 / €560
  • All prices INCLUDE VAT, but DO NOT INCLUDE venue rental.

    Recording opera singers and classical music is an art quite distinct from more conventional studio recording. Microphone placement and levels are of paramount importance due to the extreme dynamic range of the opera voice, and also the fact that the listener expects to hear as natural an acoustic as possible.

    This is why I prefer to record you in a venue with a good acoustic rather than in the recording studio. Location recording gives the final product the feel of live performance with natural reverberation and 'space'. As anyone who has sung opera knows, this is far more conducive to good performance than the artificial feeling of singing close-micd with headphones on in a recording studio.

    As an opera singer myself I understand the pressures and rhythms of performance and can pace the session at the right speed for you to capture you at your best.

    I can recommend suitable venues with a grand piano to book, or come to a venue of your choice. You will have to bring your own pianist - preferably someone you have rehearsed the repertoire with earlier. The length of time I recommend for an audio demo recording session for opera singers is around 1- 1.5 hrs to record 3 to 5 arias (and re-record any tricky passages if need be), while at the same time not carrying on so long that the voice gets too tired. For video demo recording I take around 3 hours in total.

    If you would like a recital or opera performance recorded please contact me and I will send you a quote.

    (Video and audio recording sessions can be split between two singers - two arias each - if you are on a tight budget).



    If the booking is cancelled less that 2 days before the scheduled session you will still be liable to pay 30% of the fee. If it is cancelled less than 24 hours before the session you will be liable to pay 50% of the fee.